Worksite Evaluation (WE)

This is an objective evaluation of an individual’s functional capacity to meet the demands of their own job and is based on the intrinsic functions and associated demands of their job, which are measured during the evaluation. The demonstrated functional capacity is matched to the measured job demands in order to identify: capacities and limitations, tasks for meaningful return to work programmes, possible areas requiring ergonomic assessment and reasonable adjustment, rehab potential and ultimately fitness to meet the demands of the role.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for individuals whose job remains available and they are returning to work following an absence or are struggling to remain in work and there is a question of capability.

How the service is offered?

The WE is a face to face service offered at the individual’s workplace throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland by our team of accredited functional capacity evaluators. The individual and all parties receive clear and expert guidance on an individual's capacity for work, impact on health, their intrinsic job demands, identification of any suggested reasonable accommodations, advice on return to work planning and individual’s rehabilitation potential with realistic timeframes and goals to achieve in order to return to work.