Vocational Redirection Evaluation (VRE)

This is an objective vocational evaluation to determine an individual’s occupational interests, abilities, transferable skills and return to work barriers given their current functional capacity following periods of health or injury. It aims to identify suitable and safe alternative job options in the labour market and gives vocational rehabilitation recommendations to remove barriers and support an effective and timely return to work.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for individuals whose functional capacity for work has been established and who still require specialist vocational re-direction advice and guidance in order to establish and define alternative job options that match their functional and occupational profile. As well as SMART vocational rehabilitation goals to achieve a return to work.

How the service is offered?

The VRE is a face to face service offered throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland by a team of vocational rehabilitation professionals. The evaluation is conducted at either the individual’s home or at an Obair centre which is accessible to the individual. The individual and all parties receive a clear report providing guidance on alternative employment opportunities with realistic timeframes and goals to achieve in order to return to work.