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EcoVadis aims at improving environmental and social practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains. EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the Sustainability performance of their suppliers, across 150 sectors and 95 countries.   Sustainable Supply Chain Management is the process which brings together the principles of supply chain management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to make suppliers a sustainable source of value, anticipating environmental issues rather than reacting to them, and improving the labour standards throughout the supply chain.

Obair undertook the sustainable supply chain management exercise to demonstrate our company’s CSR commitment to key stakeholders:

  • Customers: Customers are increasingly evaluating their suppliers on their capability to protect themselves from environmental or labour issues, several tiers down the supply chain.
  • Employees: A company’s vision and values are a major contributing factor in attracting and retaining talented people, and procurement executives are increasingly sensitive to the commitment of their organization to sustainable procurement practices.

On completion of this exercise Obair was awarded the EcoVadis Silver rating.

The descriptor for this level of award for Obair is:Ecovadis silver

  • Structured and proactive CSR approach
  • Engagements/policies and tangible actions on major issues
  • Reporting on actions and performance indicators

Obair will continuing to make improvement with our business based on the feedback from Ecovadis and seek to move towards the gold award over 2014.